Ring die feed machine

  • Model: SZLH350
  • Capacity: 3~6 t/ h
  • Power: Y225M-4, 55 Kw
  • Weight: 1625 kg
  • Dimension: 2100*1100*1250 mm
  • Transmission mode: Gear drive

Ring die feed machine Introduction


Ring die pellet machine is one of the common used feed processing machinery, comparing to flat die pellet machine, it has larger output. It equipped conditioner according to customer’s requirement, which can make the the pellet better quality, better shape and smooth surface. It is widely used in feed factories, middle and large scale poultry, aquaculture farms.

Features and Advantages

The ring die pellet machine is suitable for handling powder materials like corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk and etc. It adopts high quality ring die and press roller, the ring die runs at a certain speed under the drive of the main motor. When the conditioned material enters the granulation chamber, the material rotates and squeezes under the friction pressure of the pressing roller and the ring die, and the density of the material gradually increases. When the squeezing force increases enough to overcome the friction between materials and the inner wall of the die hole. During friction, materials with a certain density and adhesive force are squeezed into the ring die holes, under the continuous rotation and extrusion of the die roller, the material is extruded out of the ring die hole after being shaped, and cut by the cutter to form pellet feeds.

The ring die pellet machine has advantages of:

    • Simple structure, wide adaptability, small area cover, low noise.
    • Large output, high transmission and production efficiency.
    • Working stable, low consumption, good particle forming effect.
    • Simple operation, long service life, simple maintenance.
    • Equipped iron removal device, overload protection system, safety operation.
    • Optional types of conditioner according to customer’s requirement.





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