Horizontal mixer

  • Model: 500
  • Capacity: 500 kg per batch
  • Power: 11 Kw
  • Weight: 850 kg
  • Dimension: 2800*930*1900 mm

Horizontal mixer Introduction


The horizontal feed mixer can be used to mix kinds of cereal, grain, like corn, wheat, bean and other powder feed materials, also it is widely used in food, chemical, flour industries, very convenient and easy to operate.

Features and Advantages

Comparing the vertical feed mixer, the horizontal mixer mixing uniformity is higher due to the reasonable and compact structure. The machine has the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance, low energy consumption, long service life, convenient operation and etc.

The horizontal mixer has advantages as following:

  • Apply geared motor, low noise and durability;
  • Save labour, small volume size, evenly stirred and no residue; High efficiency, good mixing quality and short discharge time;
  • Fast mixing speed and high mixing uniformity to adapt to a thick, mushy and powdery mixture
  • Suitable for the production of premix pig rabbit, sheep, chicken, cattle, fish and other animal farming.

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