Fish feed making machine

  • Model: DGP-40
  • Capacity: 30~40 kg per hour
  • Power: 5.5 Kw
  • Weight: 220 kg
  • Dimension: 1400*1030*1200 mm

Fish feed making machine Introduction


Extruder machine is widely used for processing of kinds of aquatic , pets feed pellets, such as floating, sinking fish feed, frog feed, dog feed, cat feed, and etc.

Features and Advantages

Working principle:

During the extrusion operation, the material is input from one end of the machine cavity opening, and is conveyed to the entire machine cavity by the screw, and then the supplementary extrusion part is divided into several areas, and there is a ring (pressure ring) between each area as the flow rate and Pressure control. The conveying action of the screw drives the material to flow through the annular gap between the pressure ring and the inside of the cavity. The mechanical energy generated by the screw rotation is converted into heat energy due to the friction between the material and the components of the extruder and the internal friction of the material.

Model list:

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