Feed pellet packing machine-ZZX50

  • Model: ZZX50
  • Power: 3.8Kw
  • Weighting range: 25~50kg
  • Speed: 4~6 bag/ min
  • Working temp.: -10~40℃
  • Tolerance scope: ±0.2% F.S

Feed pellet packing machine-ZZX50 Introduction


The automatic packing machine is used at the final process of the feed production line. It is full automatic, intelligent, and has a wide application. Make it convenient to sell the feed pellet directly, popular in feed factories.


The automatic packing machine is widely used in feed/ food, medicine, chemical, seed such industries, also it is suitable for daily use. The packing machine has six process to pack the materials, they are: clamping bag, filling, weighting, conveying, sealing and then packed.

Features and Advantages

The feed pellet machine machine has advantages:

  • Simple structure:
  • Accurate measurement
  • Fast packing
  • Low noise
  • Long life


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